Academic Enrichment with EDforTech & Feaster Charter school

Last week, Feaster Charter School teachers Stephan Phan and Yareli Parga joined by EDforTech staffers Todd Ullah and Danielle Bush had the pleasure of being featured as guests on the Spotlight in Community podcast by Cloudcast Media & DS Studios to address summer learning and engagement! In this special episode, the wonderful educators Stephan and Yareli shared with us their STEAM camp experience this year.

Students working together“To really teach a STEM program, it was my very first time. I was a little nervous to take the position…” Stephan reflected on his initial feelings of unease, but also remembered the moment he realized that he wasn’t in it alone. “EDforTech has been instrumental at helping us get started – the training was great, the program was well written, very easy to follow, and the students were really engaged!”

Yareli elaborated on the students’ perspective, stating, “It was so much fun for them, they enjoyed doing all the programs. It was also a great time to community-build with each other and they found a common purpose – robotics and computer science. And it was great to see how they worked together, how they worked independently, and how they became better problem solvers. And a lot of students are already asking me about next year!”

EDforTech and Feaster Spotlight with Cloudcast MediaIn this enlightening conversation, Todd and Danielle explored the importance of STEAM Summer Camps for children and families, as well as the generous funding provided by the Expanded Learning Grant through the San Diego Foundation and Classroom of the Future Foundations (CFF) which made it all possible.

“EDforTech’s programs are turnkey but not one size fits all,” emphasized Danielle. “So it’s really the people who are putting together the program, working directly with the students, that really make it their own and make it engaging for the kids.”

Together, we explored the future of education, where collaborative efforts, as exemplified by our partnership with Feaster Charter School, are inspiring the next generation of problem solvers and inventors. We invite you to join us, be inspired, and become part of the dialogue on the transformative power of STEAM education!

Listen to the full episode here:


STEM education encourages the next generation of engineers, technologists, scientists, and artists. Our team of STEM experts are here to support you in implementing meaningful K-12 learning experiences that empower students and educators. 

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