Academies/ Summer Camps

Camps that are like Academies

For school enrichment programs, our camps are more like Academies because they are STEM courses with college credits. These are great for after school, summer, school breaks, or Saturdays. EdforTech offers a full service turn-key solution with STEM hands-on robot kits, curriculum, materials, PD and support (and can also provide teachers if needed). 

EdforTech STEM Specialists help administrators and teachers analyze their current STEM Pathway, and then design and implement the best tech-driven STEM camp academies to fill in the gaps for students of all ages. These camp solutions can be implemented as enrichments and then used in classrooms throughout the school year.

Preparing STEM
Teachers is our passion

We specialize in building capacity in engineering design and computer science in K-12 learning institutions. We need more teachers like you to prepare the next generation of engineers, technologists, and scientists to solve the world’s problems.

Our rigorous high quality curriculum cultivates the practical skills needed for student success and is aligned to standards of NGSS, CSTA, CCSS, and ISTE.

Our STEM kits have everything you need to immerse your students in STEM. We make it easy with a one-stop shopping solution with innovative new products.

Whether you have a background in STEM or you’re just getting started, our online or onsite PD will help you integrate engineering, coding and robots in your classroom.

Summer STEM Enrichment Programs

Educators use robotics to engage students in a STEAM program.  Robotics provides the spark that ignites student imaginations and the hands-on aspects immerses them in the application of math and science.  Lesson plans for 1 to 6 weeks are adapted to meet your schedule. 

Robot Comparison Document​

Equip your classroom with the best technology​

Gain insights on the top educational robotics brands with our Robot Comparison Document – We’ve collected and compared data from well known robotics brands such as Vex and Sphero to help you make the most informed decision for your classroom.