STEM courses for K-12

With a focus on
Engineering and Coding.

With options for students of all ages, our K-12 STEM courses are “out of the box” turn-key programs that enable instructors to create a dynamic, engaging classroom to teach core integrated STEM competencies (design thinking, engineering, technology, and innovation skills) that ensure student success.

Develop early literacy, numeracy, and SEL with hands-on robot expedition activities…

Grades K-2

Let’s go to Mars!  An adventure awaits where your robot becomes a rocket, a spacecraft…

Grades 3-5

Create your own digital game! Learn about the different sensors that bring gaming to life…

Grades 3-5

Get ready to drive your robot like a self-driving vehicle! Learn coding, become an engineer…

Grades 6-8

Transform mBot2 into a smart home device with AI. Assemble your robot and teach it voice commands, recognize images…  

Grades 5-8 and 9-12

Mechanical engineers in the making! Snap-together parts to build  13 different bots with one UBTech kit…

Grades 6-8

Go on a top secret mission to retrieve a hidden source code! Build your spy vehicle and learn to code its controls…

Grades 6-10

Ready to build a base on Mars? Build your bot and  apply physics, math, coding & engineering while…

Grades 9-12

Grades K-2

Develop early literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional skills with hands-on robot expedition activities in the 20+ lessons available for K-2 educators.  mTiny is a fun animated robot that is driven with a remote control that easily fits in the small hands of early learners. No screens are required to interact with and control this robot.

The included book and large puzzle pieces create storied environments for moving the robot with activities such as driving to school, feeding animals, what’s the time Mr Wolf?, police cars and ambulances, and many more. The mTiny curricula has been designed to help educators learn, plan, and implement joyful robotics activities in K-2nd grade educational settings.

The curriculum uses robots to increase Curiosity, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical & Computational thinking skills for ALL students (not just those students who go to robot clubs).

Mission to Mars with Codey Rocky Robot

Grades 3-5

Send Codey to Mars! An adventure awaits where Codey becomes a rocket, then a spaceship, then a rover once he lands on Mars. Educators use the 20+ online lessons to teach coding and Engineering Design integrated with Math, Science, and ELA.  

Codey Rocky is a treasure trove of fun right out of the box, with no assembly required, Codey plays music, follows light, mimics facial expressions, and much more with simple Scratch coding. 

Our mission is to help schools prepare the next generation of engineers, technologists, and scientists who will be solving the world’s problems.  These turn-key STEM labs with curriculum can be part of CS or CTE Pathways or as supplemental instruction.

Create Digital Games with the HaloCode

Grades 3-5

Create wearable art and digital games! HaloCode STEM lessons are “hands-on, minds-on” scaffolded challenges designed to immerse students in coding. They build 21st Century skills, discover an excitement for CS and Engineering, improve teamwork and problem solving – all while creating games!

HaloCode is a small yet powerful wireless single board computer designed for education. Students drag and drop blocks to code controls, making programming intuitive and easy. HaloCode has a wide selection of sensors that bring games to life while also immersing students in real-world STEM concepts.

Many robots come pre-assembled, and are simple to recharge, making them easy to move from one classroom to the next for Math, Science, ELA or Art instruction. The robots and curriculum can be used for 3+ years, with multiple class sessions each year as a great Return on Investment (ROI).

Explore Self-Driving Cars with mBot Robot

Grades 6-8

Drive mBot like a self-driving vehicle! First assemble then learn how to control and drive the robot with code: make turns, parallel park, stay in the lanes, detect signal lights, engage adaptive cruise control, and participate in races and fun competitions! 

Educators use the online lessons with 40+ activities, PBL projects, and in-class competitions included in the teacher-led curriculum for  CS courses, or our modified lesson plans for camps and enrichment programs.

The curriculum and coding languages work on a variety of devices: Tablets, Chromebooks, Laptops.  Students can use their own device if the school has a 1:1 technology or we can provide Tablets as separate robot controllers.

Build Your Bot with UBTech UKits

Grades 6-8

Students develop 21st Century skills to solve real-world problems. UKITs enable educators to inspire students to build, code, and deepen STEM learning and unlock the potential to become mechanical engineers or technicians.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced kits provide everything students need to build and program their very own robotic creations while following NGSS-aligned curriculum. Each kit comes with hundreds of parts, from various building pieces, connectors, sensors, batteries, wires, wheels and Servos.

With our Integrated STEM curriculum, every lesson includes science and math as well as technology, coding, and engineering. ELA and Arts are also included with music, drawing, writing, reading, and creating multimedia presentations.

Unlock Your Smart Home Robot with mBot2

Grades 5-8 and 9-12

Transform the mBot2 into your own Smart Robot! Assemble your robot and dive into the world of AI and IoT to teach it voice commands, recognize images, and interact with its environment using machine learning.  

The mBot2 showcases cutting-edge capabilities, acting as a bridge between robotics, IoT, and AI. Through voice and image recognition, students will program their mBot2 to perform tasks, make decisions, and even communicate, providing the functionalities of a smart home device on wheels!

The curriculum and coding languages work on a variety of devices: Tablets, Chromebooks, Laptops.  Students can use their own device if the school has a 1:1 technology or we can provide Tablets as separate robot controllers.

Explore the Secret Code with Ranger

Grades 6-10

Take your students on a top secret mission to infiltrate a research facility and retrieve a secret source code! Throughout this course, students are immersed in real-world STEM concepts and project-based lessons designed to promote active learning and computational thinking. Enjoy up to 40 hours of engaging hands-on engineering activities.

mBot Ranger integrates six types of sensors including: Light sensor, Temperature sensor, Sound sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Line Follower sensor and Gyroscope. This broad range of sensors allows Ranger to perform a variety of functions including data collection, line following, and obstacle avoidance. The Ranger is perfect for exploring robotics as it can be transformed into 3 forms: the tank-like Off-road Land Raider, the three-wheel racing car Dashing Raptor, and the Self-balancing Nervous Bird.

Our mission is to help schools prepare the next generation of engineers, technologists, and scientists who will be solving the world’s problems.  These turn-key STEM labs with curriculum can be part of CS or CTE Pathways or as supplemental instruction.

Build a Mars Base with Ultimate Robots

Grades 9-12

The Ultimate robot can be configured in multiple ways which makes it perfect to model a Mars construction robot. Use this fun robot to learn about new space technology and the science and engineering behind it. This curriculum explores STEM with an emphasis on physical science, mechanics, and engineering design using an autonomous construction robot. Students are engaged in PBL and critical thinking as they control the Ultimate robot with block-based coding.  

Hands-on activities guide students to learn how remote and autonomous robots work by using motors and sensors for construction with a robot arm, finding pathways, navigating terranes, early warning detection, and avoiding objects while driving to remote outposts. Each lesson includes an open ended challenge for students to apply new concepts to solve real off-world problems. 

Our rigorous high quality curriculum cultivates the practical skills needed for student success and is aligned to standards of NGSS, CSTA, CCSS, and ISTE.

Our STEM kits have everything you need to immerse your students in STEM. We make it easy with a one-stop shopping solution with innovative new products.

Whether you have a background in STEM or you’re just getting started, our online or onsite PD will help you integrate engineering, coding and robotics in your classroom today.

What makes us different?

We offer a fun, engaging, and memorable K-12 STEM education experience to ALL teachers and learners with high-quality, affordable products and dependable services. 


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Science Concepts

NGSS aligned standards appropriate for grade bands include engineering design, energy, waves, forces and interactions, earth and space concepts, matter and its interactions, using sensors to create science experiments, collecting and analyzing data, and much more.

Engineering Concepts

NGSS aligned standards and engineering concepts appropriate for grade bands include engineering design, constraints, specifications, systems, critical thinking, problem solving, technology literacy, simple machines, teamwork, communication, and much more.

Technology and CS Concepts

CSTA K-12 aligned standards appropriate for grade bands include computing systems, algorithms and programming, impacts of computing, data analysis, computing systems, networks, troubleshooting, artificial intelligence, and much more.

Math Concepts

CC State Math aligned standards appropriate for grade bands include reasoning abstractly, modeling, algebraic thinking, measurement and converting measurements, number systems, geometry, and much more.

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