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Logan Heights STEAM Summer Camp: Preparing Future Innovators with Coding, Collaboration, and Confidence

Logan Heights Future Innovators STEAM Summer Camp students! Summer 2022

From June 21st to July 18th, 2022, we partnered with Logan Heights (of San Diego) to implement their Innovators Summer STEAM Camp! Logan Heights Future Innovators Summer STEAM Camp is an interactive full-day camp – a perfect way to spend the summer. With over four weeks of full-day classes and field trips, students will gain new skills, make new friends, and uncover new possibilities in the world of STEM.

Thanks to a generous grant, Camp was provided at no cost to SDUSD-enrolled students rising to grades 2-6. Bilingual teachers and staff will provide effective academic support that blends computer science with reading and math in a fun way while teaching the fundamentals of coding using CoderZ. Classroom activities are augmented by experiential field trips and workshops with industry representatives making this summer camp experience a well-rounded educational adventure.

Photo of kids participating in strawberry-nitrogen science activity.

The grant that made this STEAM Summer Camp possible “will expand the reach and impact of Future Achievers Preschool, which Logan Heights CDC launched in 2016 to provide a STEAM-focused curriculum for children of low-to-moderate income, primarily BIPOC, working families.” Additional goals include providing elementary and middle school children with a knowledge base that will increase their ability to one day acquire good-paying jobs in the skilled workforce by expanding access to STEM education.

According to the Logan Heights Community Development Center, “We are driven by the fact that economic opportunity, facilitated by early education, is the single most effective way to address negative social determinants of health and historic inequities. Pew Research Center reported that ‘Blacks and Hispanics made up around a quarter (27%) of the overall U.S. workforce as of 2016, but together accounted for only 16% of those employed in a STEAM occupation.’ Given that the population of the five low opportunity neighborhoods we serve is 90% Black or Hispanic, we can’t think of a better way to begin addressing this representation gap than to offer a fun, interactive summer camp to local youth.”

According to the STEAM Summer Camp teacher, Mrs. Castillo, “The kids are loving the camp. They have learned so much throughout the curriculum. I have the oldest in camp. It’s been a great experience since they are pretty good with technology and learning more ways to better their skills.”

One student shares what they have learned during STEAM Camp so far.

For the past four weeks, students have expanded their minds and grown in their confidence as they’ve been exposed to and engaged with new ideas and activities. The STEAM Summer Camp will end with a culmination event on Friday, July 15th, 2022.

Event Agenda

1:00pm-1:15 Opening Remarks

1:15pm-2:15pm Student Led STEAM Presentations

2:15-2:30pm Special Recognition Awards

2:30-3pm UCSD Graduation Ceremony & Photos

3pm-3:15pm Slideshow pictures, Logan CDC Presentation, Closing Remarks

3:15-4pm Meet our Local Vendors

Learn more about our STEM camps! As always, it is our mission to aid in making STEM education and curriculum more accessible and increase equity in education access. It was a joy to work with the Logan Heights community and we look forward to following along in their success!

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