NAA22 Convention: EDforTech After School Programs

From March 20th through March 22nd, EDforTech had the exciting opportunity to attend the NAA22 Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada and connect with several inspirational educators. It was wonderful to share how educators can create STEM pathways as part of their after school programs utilizing EDforTech K-12 turn-key solutions that ignite an interest in learning.

“A lot of these kids are so excited about STEM and want to take it further. They are excited about having something that they can do. They can all participate because of the accessibility.” 

Andrea Huff, Career & STEM Academy Director, Barr-Reeve Community Schools

After School Programs: Creating STEM Pathways 

Our K-12 STEM programs are “out of the box” turn-key solutions with:

  • Modular Lessons
  • Robots & Chargers
  • Hands-On Activities
  • PD for Teachers

Overcoming the Obstacles

We know that starting a STEM program can feel overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Our professional development ensures that educators feel confident in implementing STEM programs. We provide everything you need to get started:

  • Turn-Key STEM: Robots, Lessons, and Staff Training
  • Turn-Key STEM with Instructor
  • Use Your Own Devices, or We Provide Tablets 
  • Students or the school can keep the robots for continued learning! 

Lesson plans are adapted to meet your schedule for K-12 grades with a hands-on focus on coding and robotics. Whether you are completely new to incorporating STEM or have experience, we are here to make sure you achieve success. EDforTech combines standards-aligned curriculum with world-class technologies to provide a hands-on approach to STEM concepts.

“This is going to go maybe half a year of pure STEM that I don’t have to plan for. I don’t have to create it. This is my first year as a STEM teacher. This lifted my spirits. I don’t have to worry. Having it all ready for the teacher is huge for planning and your administration wants you to support core subject and that is what this is doing. It is all aligned with the standards. I would definitely recommend it. It makes you enjoy teaching.” – Mark Keever, STEM Teacher, BOK North Middle School

Preparing STEM Teachers is Our Passion

We need more teachers like you. EdforTech STEM Specialists help administrators and teachers analyze their current STEM pathway, and then design and implement the best tech-driven STEM programs. Our customized professional development workshops are beginner-friendly and make teaching STEM accessible for all educators.

  • Easy to Schedule
  • Comprehensive
  • Targeted
  • Engaged

Empowering the Next Generation

Our mission is to help educators prepare the next generation of diverse engineers, technologists, and scientists who will be solving the world’s problems. The NAA22 Convention connected educators with EDforTech STEM possibilities. We can’t wait to see their after school programs come to life!

We are happy to support you in creating K-12 STEM programs that meet your specific needs. Connect with an EDforTech STEM specialist today, and achieve your program goals with confidence. From beginner to expert, you can count on EDforTech to turn your STEM program vision into a reality.

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STEM education encourages the next generation of engineers, technologists, scientists, and artists. Our team of STEM experts are here to support you in implementing meaningful K-12 learning experiences that empower students and educators. Request more information today about how you can incorporate STEM learning at your school and increase student achievement.

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