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Our rigorous high quality STEM curriculum cultivates the practical skills needed for student success and is aligned to standards of NGSS, CSTA, CCSS, and ISTE.

Our STEM lab kits have everything you need to immerse your students in STEM. We make it easy with a one-stop shopping solution with innovative new products.

Whether you have a background in STEM or you’re just getting started, our virtual or onsite PD will help you integrate engineering, coding and robotics in your classroom today.

Our Academy STEM camp courses, with step-by-step lessons and college credits, are available for camps or school after-school, summer session, or enrich- ment programs.

What makes us different?

We offer a fun, engaging, and memorable K-12 STEM education experience to ALL teachers and learners with high-quality, affordable products and dependable services. 

EDforTech makes it easy to teach STEM. Teachers need curated tools along with instructional strategies, support, and encouragement to try something new. Providing educators an ‘out-of-the-box’, turn-key solution with digital curriculum, STEM lab kits, assessments, blended learning with coaching, professional development, and technical support services is what we do best.

Who We Serve

EDforTech’s unique combination of STEM services and products are available for educators in public, private, charter, and home schools. Our services and practices increase access and opportunity and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in all areas of STEM education for:

Our Mission is
STEM Education

Our mission is to help educators prepare the next generation of diverse engineers, technologists, and scientists who will be solving the world’s problems. 

Our science curriculum offers in depth instruction to encourage problem-solving and critical thinking. The overarching framework includes hands-on learning activities which are relevant, engaging and aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Technology provides different opportunities to make learning more fun. We enhance 21st Century skills with robotics, coding and a CSTA K-12 standards curriculum, so students can explore the world of building solutions and dreaming up new creations through programming.

Engineering fosters the creativity in students as most are fascinated with building and taking things apart to see how they work. Our curriculum puts meaning into project based learning and provides a teachable process for logical thinking, problem solving and designing solutions.

In everyday experiences, we use math. Including math during science, technology & engineering helps children develop critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills. Our curriculum challenges students with measuring, gathering data, and using math in engineering problems.

Integrated STEM: curriculum lessons and PD that informs teachers how to include engineering, coding, and technology to intentionally teach math, science, and ELA infused with problem solving, using project based, hands-on learning experiences. These multi-sensory learning opportunities imprint STEM ideas for the long-term. The experiences increase student curiosity, confidence, critical and computation thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.

Most students learn best through fun, hands-on, exploratory experiences rather than rote drill activities. That’s why we use robots to teach integrated STEM. When students are engaged with fun, hands-on learning using robots, they increase attendance, are less likely to drop out of school, and improve their chances to pursue STEM career opportunities.

STEM courses for K-12

With a focus on
Engineering and Coding.

With options for students of all ages, our courses allow instructors to create a dynamic, engaging classroom to teach core integrated STEM competencies that ensure student success in flipped classrooms, virtual, or in-person learning environments for bell to bell, after school or summer programs.

Develop early literacy, numeracy, and SEL with hands-on robot expedition activities…

Grades K-2

Let’s go to Mars!  An adventure awaits where your robot becomes a rocket, a spacecraft…

Grades 3-5

Create your own digital game! Learn about the different sensors that bring gaming to life…

Grades 3-5

Get ready to drive your robot like a self-driving vehicle! Learn coding, become an engineer…

Grades 6-8

Transform mBot2 into a smart home device with AI. Assemble your robot and teach it voice commands, recognize images…  

Grades 6-8

Mechanical engineers in the making! Snap-together parts to build  13 different bots with one UBTech kit…

Grades 6-8

Go on a top secret mission to retrieve a hidden source code! Build your spy vehicle and learn to code its controls…

Grades 6-10

Ready to build a base on Mars? Build your bot and  apply physics, math, coding & engineering while…

Grades 9-12

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Our Customers

“The training and content was top-notch. Our teachers really enjoyed the coding with robots experience.”
Nancy Benning
Glenridge Elementary, MD
“Our students had an amazing time in the camp with the drones and robots. I think our teachers had even more fun!”
Terri Jefferson
Prince George’s, MD
“The 3D/visual aspects of the curriculum were engaging for my students & gave them much clearer direction than a book.”
Kevin Jones
Entiat Junior-Senior High School, WA

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We carefully choose our STEM products to ensure that the robots stand up to classroom abuse and can be used with a variety of devices – Chromebooks, Tablets, Amazon Fire, etc.  We offer products from these partners…

Modular Robotics
Wonder Workshop

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