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EdforTech offers remote and in-person professional development for K-12 educators. We bring innovative professional development to your district with customized workshops. We’ll start working with you from the beginning, offering one-on-one consultations to help you select the services which best suit your teacher’s needs.  

Through interactive learning and proven classroom strategies, we deliver PD that empowers educators to improve CS/STEM outcomes. We’ll show you exciting ways to keep students engaged, help refine CS/STEM teaching skills and gain confidence in your delivery methods.  Afterward, we provide PD evaluation results in charts and data for your district’s accountability reports. 

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Support teachers in gaining CS content knowledge with

CS Professional Growth Bundle: PDs, Mentorship, Robots, & Data​

Our expert team uses research and evidence-based practices to help educators build capacity, teach CS/STEM better, and implement Computer Science(CS) with integrated curriculum for each grade level.

Teachers, with proper training and support from their school administration and districts, are able to make magic happen in the classrooms.

What's included in the bundle?

Two PDs, a follow up session, and results:

Expanding CS Horizons

A PD for K-8 Educators (6 hrs)

Exploring Coding & Robots

A PD for K-8 Educators (3 hrs)

Follow up session

Lesson plan integration, support (1 hr)

PD results data

Provided for District accountability reports

Develop early literacy, numeracy, and SEL with storied robot activities.

Grades TK-2

Go to Mars, as this robot becomes a rocket, a spacecraft, and rover!

Grades 3-5

Assemble and drive a self-driving vehicle with Scratch code!

Grades 6-8

Added BONUS!

Each teacher receives a robot with the PD materials! With 8 to 10 teachers participating, this makes a class set for all to use and share.  

Build STEM Capacity

It can be difficult to choose from all the technology and products available, build teaching capacity, and locate curriculum aligned to standards.  Let our experienced STEM specialists help! We make it easy to implement STEM.  We are on a mission to create critical thinkers and engineers to solve real world problems, and make STEM available for ALL students.

Our rigorous high quality curriculum cultivates the practical skills needed for student success and is aligned to standards of NGSS, CSTA, CCSS, and ISTE.

Our STEM kits have everything you need to immerse your students in STEM. We make it easy with a one-stop shopping solution with innovative new products.

Our STEM camp Academies, with step-by-step lessons and college credits, are available now for camps or school after-school, summer session, or enrichment programs. 

What makes us different?

EDforTech’s STEM specialists provide world-class service to help schools implement  a combination of curriculum with STEM labs and engaging hands-on professional development to increase the capacity of teachers by sharing their unique combination of both educational and practical backgrounds in science, engineering, and computer science.

Explore the possibilities for your teachers

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Easy to Schedule

Teachers participate in 4 hrs of hands-on interactive virtual PD sessions scheduled in 2 hour increments and coordinated with planned PD days. Extra materials for self-study are included online.


K–12 Educators: Math, Science, STEM Specialists; Summer School Coordinators; After‐School Program, Camp or Club Teachers; Media specialists


Includes lesson plan modification, PBL and Engineering Design pedagogy, classroom management, and technical training on coding and robotics hardware usage for the program that teachers will implement.


Teachers receive a robot and materials package prior to PD sessions, and actively participate with their robot to learn coding and STEM teaching practices.

Robot Comparison Document​

Equip your classroom with the best technology​

Gain insights on the top educational robotics brands with our Robot Comparison Document – We’ve collected and compared data from well known robotics brands such as Vex and Sphero to help you make the most informed decision for your classroom.